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Hint: This is NOT the Upper Peninsula, I can guarantee it.


This blog is dedicated to the many readers who randomly discovered this blog by utilizing a search engine.  You know who you are.  The reader who types in “close up pictures of puddles” or “never mind what I have posted yesterday” or “cauliflower brocoli salad” and end up on this blog. gives us all sorts of statistics, and search engine statistics are some of the funniest.  You wonder why in the world people would type in “people running in snow filled night”.  You sometimes even make up funny stories about it. 

I am here to tell you the all-time top searches that resulted in finding this outdoor blog during the 365 day commitment.  Are you ready?   (Don’t tell me you already can figure it out, based on the title!) 

The first and third top searches were status quo. and Opening the door, Walking Outside were to be expected.  But who would have thought that 111 hits have resulted from the search “Palm Trees”?? 

Look at that palm tree blow!


(For all you new or itinerant visitors, the palm tree photos came from a trip to Fort Myers Beach, Florida, back in late March.) 

Search Term #4:  wood splitter.  Well, this is a perfect Yooper (Upper Peninsula) search engine term.  And do we know about wood splitters!  We are expert wood splitters.  (I can say this with assurance after a whole year of operating the lever.  We have not split off any fingers or other accessories and hopefully we never will.  Perhaps I should leave out the word “expert”.  Let’s substitute “experienced” wood splitters.) 

My husband with our lovely wood splitter (back in April)


Search engine term #5:  Sand movement on Lake Superior.  I am curious about that one.  Eighty seven hits followed these words.  Were they all the same person?  Is there a group of sand movement analysts?  Did my blog offer them anything concrete for their research?  (metaphorically speaking, of course…) 

Sand movement on Lake Superior. In and out, and out and in...


Then we have the feather-searchers.  Eighty two feather searchers have landed on this blog.  I have posted a few photos of feathers, and we have lots of birds in the Upper Peninsula, that’s for sure.  Here is one of my favorites from late June: 

Bald eagle tail feather in the sand


#7 search engine term:  dead bird.  Hmmm….  Sixty two views on this post from searching for “dead bird”.  Unfortunately, my own search on this blog did not find a photo of a dead bird.  They apparently had more luck.  I have a vague memory of photographing a dead–maybe–robin or chickadee in the yard.  But neither my memory nor the blog search engine could discover it.  It’s hiding somewhere in this year-long blog.  Fifty cents to the avid blog reader who can find it!  Just kidding! 

#8 (and we’ll stop here):  the infamous Vegetable Scraps!  I have told you before that searchers keep landing on this blog seeking Vegetable Scraps.  Maybe they are looking for soup recipes.  Maybe they want to make brocoli-cauliflower salad. Instead they arrive at a photo of scraps we throw out for the deer during the winter time.  I thought this photo back in January looked almost artistic. 

The infamous vegetable scraps


If you have a blog for two or three or more years, the search engine hits can reach into the thousands, so I’m told.  It’s odd to think that years down the road people may still be typing in “palm trees” and arriving at this Upper Peninsula of Michigan 365-day outdoor commitment blog. 

For any of you who are reading this post (having typed in palm trees, wood splitters, sand movement on Lake Superior, feather, dead bird and vegetable scraps) I have a little note for you: 

Sorry I missed you!


P.S.  very cold today for the outdoor adventure.  Eleven freezing degrees.  It took three trips in and out the front door to fulfill the commitment.  In and out…kind of like sand movement on Lake Superior…

One last driveway plow?

One last driveway plow?

Did everyone receive his or her party invitation?  I’m hoping everyone is prepared for the Big Event tomorrow.  We all know whose birthday it is, right?  We all know what we’re celebrating tomorrow on April 22nd, right?

In case you haven’t opened your party invitation…it’s EARTH DAY!  (That translates as the Earth’s birthday, for those of you who didn’t know.)  That means it’s party-time. 

Has everyone planned a gift?  If you’re reading this blog consider yourself tagged that the Earth needs a present tomorrow.  Something small perhaps…or something large.  Anything that says “Thank You” to the planet which so lovingly supports us, clothes us, feeds us, delights us, nourishes us in a thousand ways.

Look at the wet sloppy snow piled up around my car.  Not going anywhere today!

Look at the wet sloppy snow piled up around my car. Not going anywhere today!

I have a problem concerning Mother Earth’s gift.  Every year for dozens of years, since the kids were two feet tall, we’ve picked up litter along the road.  Unfortunately, the sides of the road are covered with snow this year.  Litter pick-up will have to wait until perhaps Thursday, Friday or Saturday.  (You can come along one of those days and watch the fun.)

So what ideas have you pondered to honor the earth?  Turning off lights for a while?  Taking a shorter shower or bath?  Turning down the thermostat?  I would be delighted to hear ideas, as we’ll need to do something sweet tomorrow.  The nitty-gritty picking up will come later.

Snowflakes falling every day since Sunday (that's three days now)

Snowflakes falling every day since Sunday (that's three days now) against the garage

So we were snowed in again today. Barry made it to work with the 4 wheel drive Studebaker, but I wasn’t going anywhere.  The snow continued to swirl endlessly as the low pressure system stalled out over the Great Lakes.  Points south are getting rain, but we’ve been blasted with between five inches and two feet of the white stuff.  Here in the lakefront belt, I’m guessing we received a foot of snow.  But since it’s melting and warm (32-34 degrees) it’s all compressed to a heavy damp wet mass.

Try to imagine how difficult it was to walk to the mailbox at mid-day. Every step felt weighted, like maneuvering through cement-like snow.

The view near the mailbox, down the road

The view near the mailbox, down the road

Of course the local schools were cancelled.  Of course the roads were…challenging.  Of course we’re looking longingly toward later this week when the temperatures are scheduled to rebound into the 50’s.  Barry even suggested I shovel the deck so we can lounge outside later in the week.

This would be our chaise lounge on the deck

This would be our chaise lounge on the deck

One final note, now that the snow is letting up.  Do you know what one of the top searches on this blog is?  People randomly type in “vegetable scraps” and guess whose blog comes up?  This one!  All because I tossed in a photo of vegetable scraps we feed the deer during the winter.  Therefore, to appease all the folks searching the Internet for “vegetable scraps” I am about to offer another tasty arrangement for the deer, thrown under the oak tree at noon today.

By mid-afternoon, a lone doe made her way to the scraps and munched every last tidbit.  Except for one celery stalk. 

Sequel:  Vegetable Scraps II

Sequel: Vegetable Scraps II

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