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OK, I’m warning you all.  This blog may get a little mushy.  And it’s not even our anniversary until next month. 

This blog is for my husband Barry.  Because he’s the best.  Seriously.  He has been one of the best supporters of this outdoor commitment.  Many days he waxes enthusiastically about how wonderful this is.  How it’s been one of the best years, ever.  How we’ve done more things than usual, visited more places than usual, experienced more adventures.  He loves to read these blogs.  (I suspect that’s because he’s a writer and photographer himself.)  He’s a newspaper editor who writes a column usually once a week.  He says: “I can’t believe it.  You have to write a column every night.” 

See why I love the guy? 

Therefore, tonight’s blog is devoted to show and tell about his big project.  What is exciting him. But don’t worry, I went outside today.  Mostly sat on the deck.  But for at least an hour or two. So I think that counts.  I also went outdoors to help him with his project.  Which you will see in the following photograph.

Can you guess what lies hidden under this tarp?

Can you guess what lies hidden under this tarp?

A show of hands now, please.  Anyone know what is hidden beneath the tarp, sticking half inside and half outside the garage? 

Well, obviously some of you know.

It’s his pride, his beauty, his love (besides me, that is.)  It’s his 24-foot 1976 hard top Sea Ray boat.  He purchased it for a lark as a fixer-upper about a year ago.  And he’s been fixing it up.  It recently returned home from the fiberglass doctor up in Chassell.  And he’ll soon be returning it for more work on the transom, as soon as the motor gets pulled.

And guess what happened today?  With the boat backed in to the garage and tarped, he pulled the motor.  It was a big day at the Drue household.  You have never seen a happier man. 

Would you like to see a picture of the engine?

The boat engine

The boat engine

There is a little strange story attached to this boat.  As he was cleaning up the area behind the swim platform (after taking it off) a face revealed itself where the screws were attached.  What do you think?  Does it look like a ship’s captain peering out at us from the fiberglass?

Who can see the captain's face staring out from the back of the boat?

Who can see the captain's face staring out from the back of the boat?

On that note, it’s time to sign off for the night. It’s been a full day.  A lovely weekend.  The temperature even reached 72 degrees tonight.  The wind stopped blowing like crazy.  Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend!


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