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Hidden beauty behind the condo

Hidden beauty behind the condo

Good evening.  I’m tempted to start counting days that remain here in southern Florida before the big silver & red plane rises through the clouds and soars toward the Midwest.  Tomorrow, Tuesday and then…heading back to snow country on Wednesday. 

But we won’t dwell in the future for more than a second.  Let’s stay here in the present.  I’ll show you some more random photos tonight, probably not embedded in any coherent tale.  The above photo shows the view you’ll see peeking through a curtain of leaves overlooking a backwater channel.  I love tiptoeing back there and peering in the underbrush. 

A wise person looks around for alligators and snakes.  Mom says there’s a small alligator sunning away over on the golf course, about a mile away.  Otherwise, you never see any of the scaly exotic beasts.  If I see one, I want an escape route, especially if it starts slinking this-away.

Close up leaf veins

Close up leaf veins

So, what was today’s outdoor adventure?  Let’s pick two.  The first really fun time happened this morning around the pool.  After looking for a manatee or dolphin for you for ten minutes (sigh…) I gathered a notebook and began writing down by the pool.  Oh can you imagine the joy to write outside?  No freezing fingers!  Oh luxury! 

I probably shouldn’t tell you about what I wrote.  You will scurry away from this blog and never return, convinced you’re dealing with a mentally-suspect person.  But it was such fun!  Since it was Sunday, I was praising life, the Universe, God and the swimming pool with gusto in the white notebook pages.  Trying to put it all on paper, you know. 

But then I got a little carried away and started imagining if inanimate objects could talk…what they might say.  When I started writing about the beach towel on the nearby reclining beach chair, and what it might say…it was probably time to close the notebook and take a hike.   We creative folks tend to get carried away sometimes. (This is an exercise in the book “The Artist’s Way” called “Morning Pages” where you write whatever stray thoughts wander through your mind…a fascinating and fun process.)

Tropical blossom

Tropical blossom

Later in the evening my mom, dad and I took cold drinks out to the boat, along with our books and magazines, and read.  The folks own a deck boat, which resembles a pontoon.  We’re hoping to go out on it tomorrow or Tuesday. It’s been so windy we’ve not ventured out on the Back Bay yet. 

As we were reading, a few boats motored by in the channel.  My mom uttered, “I wonder if there would be an interesting picture…” and just as she spoke a manatee surfaced!  I grabbed the camera, turned it on and focused.  The manatee disappeared.  Never to re-appear.  It’s going to be a gift of the Universe if we photograph one of these elusive fellows in the next few days. 

I bought three books today at Borders, using a Christmas gift card.  No lack of reading material now! 

Finally, one of the best parts of being in Florida:  enjoying the tropical fruit.  Oh look at this papaya cut open!  Are your taste buds salivating?  Leaving you all now and heading to the frig for a juicy morsel…

Yummy papaya (before seeds scooped out)

Yummy papaya (before seeds scooped out)

Who says you can't read outside in the winter?

Who says you can't read outside in the winter?

For some of us readers winter is a delicious season to curl up with a book on the couch propped up with soft pillows and burrowed in warm blankets.  A cup of hot tea sits on the nearby table and we luxuriate in our reading world for hours on end as the snow falls gently outside the windows.

Today I thought:  Why shouldn’t we read outside in the winter?

Now you’re certain I’ve gone crazy with this outdoors commitment, aren’t you?  (Wrong!  This is simply creativity coming to the forefront.)

I decided against attempting a novel.  You want something which allows you to read a paragraph or so, glance upwards, admire the trees, smile at the sun, then begin reading again.  Poetry would be perfect!  You could read a stanza, then allow your eyes to wander to the landscape while the words are properly digested. 

I examined my poetry library.  Two books.  One, The Moon is Always Female by Marge Piercy.  A lovely read!  Two, The Essential Rumi

It obviously had to be Rumi.  There’s something about Rumi which befuddles the mind and leaves your soul and spirit resonating, “Yes!  Yes!”  Rumi would approve of reading outside at 10 degrees.  Anything a bit crazy would have Rumi praising God backwards and upside down.

I leaned against the back deck and began to read.  Heavy mittens prevent easy turning of pages, so one must allow the Universe to determine the appropriate poem.

Here is part of the poem that announced itself (entitled The Dream that Must be Interrupted):

We began

as a mineral.  We emerged into plant life

and into the animal state, and then into being human,

and always we have forgotten our former states,

except in early spring when we slightly recall

being green again.

That’s how a young person turns

toward a teacher.  That’s how a baby leans

toward the breast, without knowing the secret

of its desire, yet turning instinctively.

Humankind is being led along an evolving course,

through this migration of intelligences,

and though  we seem to be sleeping,

there is an inner wakefulness

that directs the dream,

and that will eventually startle us back

to the truth of who we are

Rumi sitting in the snow

Rumi sitting in the snow

After you read those words look up at the trees and see if they don’t agree.  And don’t you love that line:  except in the early spring when we slightly recall being green again?

The only problem with reading outside at such cold temperatures is exposed skin.  Such as one’s nose.  It got cold.  However, I solved that problem.  When it became too chilly, I shoveled.  Read poetry, feel the wisdom, survey the landscape, shovel. 

I thoroughly recommend this outdoor reading to everyone!  Let me know how it goes!  You can do it!!

Snowshoeing book club members find chair in the middle of the woods!

Snowshoeing book club members find chair in the middle of the woods!


Just returned home from our book club meeting.  It’s far too close to bedtime to be writing an intelligent blog.  But will try to do “literary” justice to the experience.

Between 7-12 of us meet about once every couple months to discuss books.  At least we allegedly meet to discuss books.  I would estimate we spend 25% of our time together sharing books and the remaining 75% socializing.  A potluck highlights the evening, of course.  But tonight we did something a little different:  five of us went snowshoeing before the meeting.

We usually take turns visiting each others homes.  Tonight Jennifer hosted the gathering.  (She’s been too busy to attend book club recently, so we were all delighted to reconnect with her.)  We all strapped on our snowshoes, prepared to hike in the snowy woods.

Nancy's wooden snowshoes

Nancy's wooden snowshoes

All of us sported the light aluminum snowshoes except Nancy.  She later announced she would be buying a new pair before the next hike.  Her boots refused to stay firmly in the straps.

We wandered through the very snowy woods for awhile, enjoying the beautiful cedar trees.  No real trail marked our walk, so we occasionally ducked under branches.  Suddenly, to the left, an old chair appeared, sitting covered with snow out in the middle of the woods.  Of course the book club mentality set in and we opted for a photo shoot with our members pretending to read a book.  Jennifer is holding an actual book (and you may wonder how a book appeared in our hands out on the hike?  Actually it is a datebook or calendar, but it served as an appropriate photo prop.)  For anyone who’s interested the snowshoers in the above photo are Sue, Joanne, Nancy and Jennifer. 

The snowy woods through which we snowshoed

The snowy woods through which we snowshoed

At our last meeting in December we rolled dice fast and furiously, attempting to win our preferred wrapped book.  No one knew anything about the books we tried to win.  If you rolled doubles, you chose the wrapped book.  If the next person rolled doubles, she could choose another book or steal your book from you.  This is our traditional Christmas book club fun. 

Thus, this meeting we discussed the books we won in the dice-throwing games.  I won “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” in December and enthusiastically recommended it to our readers. 

We debated for a long time about next club’s selection.  Finally we chose “The Good Earth” by Pearl S. Buck.  I think I may have read it a few decades ago, but it’s a classic.  So will look forward to reading this again for our April meeting.

Let’s hope there’s not enough snow to snowshoe by then…

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