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My friend Bertha leads us on a snowshoe hike

My friend Bertha leads us on a snowshoe hike

After my morning at work, I headed over to a friend’s house for a snowshoe hike.  Temperature:  5 degrees.  Blue and sunny skies.  No fierce and biting wind.  On an ordinary winter I might have called to cancel with excuses about the frigid temperature, but today that didn’t even seem an option.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t cold at all!  Surprisingly, I was too hot.  You don’t believe this, do you?  But it’s the truth.  I had dressed in too many layers of clothes.  The better to get a good work-out, perhaps.

We hiked for a good hour.  It’s much easier to do a “real” snowshoe that stretches for awhile if one hikes with friends.  When you’re alone, you meander more.  You stop.  You look up.  You look down.  You peer around corners, looking for photo opportunities.  If you’re a certain person I know (no names shall be mentioned here) you even sometimes find a place where a deer has bedded down.  You settle in the deer-resting place and then you look upwards and take pictures of the view the deer enjoyed.  (I may steal this idea for a later blog, if I run out of other subjects to talk about….)

Today, we talked.  We got caught up on our busy lives.  We covered friends, family, health and at least twenty five other topics.  We admired the woods.  We expressed thanks that we lived in such a beautiful place.  We pitied those who couldn’t be on a snowshoe hike like this in the lovely north woods.  (I did not mention blog readers who so often express disbelief and pity that we live in such a cold clime, preferring instead their warm and toasty southern sun….)

Bertha and I have been friends for a long time.  How many years now?  Maybe 26 or 27.  Years ago we hiked up in the Huron Mountains with husbands and our six month baby.  We set up tents and enjoyed a beautiful night in the high hills overlooking Lake Superior.  We were babes then, in our twenties and thought nothing of going on grand adventures.  What I remember about that night is our son lost his pacifier from his position in the front pack where he was carried, and found his trusty thumb instead.  He never wanted the pacifier again.  Years of orthodontist bills probably related directly to this hike….

But I digress into the land of memory.  Let’s stay in the present, shall we?  It was a beautiful early February hike.  Fortunately, Bertha had snowshoed the trails yesterday after our foot of new fluffy snow.  If not, we would have worked much harder.  I am grateful for her diligence in keeping up all those trails around her house.

I’ll close with this quirky little picture of a fence post from many years ago.  And hope that many of you get an opportunity to snowshoe with a good friend sometime this winter!

Quirky old fence pole

Quirky old fence pole

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