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Shimmering underwater rocks

Shimmering underwater rocks

This morning I thought about the upcoming six month anniversary of this outdoor commitment and blog.  What an incredible six months it has been! (Well, it’s Day 166 as of today…June 21st, Solstice, shall be the six month anniversary.) It’s been one of the best years of my life.

I am so very grateful to the blog readers and commenters who have encouraged and cheered and helped me stick with it.

White pine cone

White pine cone

Years ago a native American friend shared this teaching:  when it’s your birthday or lucky day for you, share with others.  Be grateful for their presence in your life.  Instead of expecting presents, give to others.
I started thinking about this today.  I am feeling so grateful about this year, this blog, the great outdoors…it’s time to share some of the love and good feelings with others.
Our friend, Amy, flandrumhill, will be having a photographic scavenger hunt sometime around the Solstice later this month.   We are all anticipating that event!  Before the scavenger hunt begins, on the June 21st,  I would like to draw a name out of a hat (or somehow let nature decide…haven’t figured out how…) and send a free nature book to a reader of this blog.
Lily pads and flowers on pond

Lily pads and flowers on pond

Here are the rules.  Comment on this blog, a paragraph or two, sharing what you like about the outdoors.  Your best nature experience of your life.  Or this month.  Or last year.  Or a litle paragraph about what you saw outside today. Whatever.  Share what inspires you or turns you on about opening the door, walking outside.

Magic lily pad on another pond

Magic lily pad on another pond

On the Solstice, June 21st, I will put the names of all commenters to this blog in a pot.   Then Nature will decide which lucky winner will receive the contest award.

The winner can choose one of  the following prizes:

Superior: Journeys on an Inland Seaby Gary McGuffin (looks like a book about our great Lake Superior)

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Nature Photographyby the Mountain Trail Photo Team (for anyone interested in nature photography)

Deep Water Passageby Ann Linnea (I’ve read this one!  A great spiritual story about kayaking around Lake Superior.)

Hands-on Nature:  Information and Activities for Exploring the Environment with Children by Jennepher Lingelbach (nature activities for children)

Pink blossoms!  The end of the blossoms coming soon...

Pink blossoms! The end of the blossoms coming soon...

** If the winner prefers a different nature book (for under $20) perhaps we can negotiate…  🙂

Thank you, all of you, for your readership, comments and support.  It means more than you can imagine.  Thank you also to Emma who helped inspire this idea.


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