There She Is

I started for the daily walk.  Today, November 30th, is the last day of Hunting Season.  Tomorrow we woods-lovers can return to tramping through the forest without fear of getting shot.  (Except I think some other kind of hunting season starts December 1st.  But it’s not the kind of hunting season that has lots of visitors from downstate and Wisconsin and Illinois and Ohio.)

Headed to the mailbox, humming a little, pondering all the outdoor suggestions you folks have offered (my poor mother experienced a few minutes when she could not sleep last night worried about what her daughter would write for the remaining days of the outdoor adventure, can you imagine that?  Note to self:  quit complaining!  Something always comes up.  And look at all these good new ideas.)

When suddenly.  Several feet away.  A deer.  A doe.  Staring at me eye to eye.  We considered each other.

Hi Deer

I fumbled with the shutter.  The camera sang its little greeting song, but the deer didn’t move.  Snap, snap, snap!  The camera shot its photos. 

You see, the deer wanted badly to cross the road.  But I stood too near the road.  We waited at an impasse.  The camera kept shooting.  Snap, snap, snap.

“You better be glad this isn’t a gun, dear Deer!” I said.  “I’ll bet you’re glad it’s the last day of hunting season, aren’t you?”

The deer flicked its ears and looked impatiently at the other side of the road, bored with my conversation.

Yet another shot of the very same doe

Let’s take a short commercial break before we see what happens.  Will the doe move?  Will Kathy get another shot?  Will deer season end with a trophy photograph on the wall?

Please look closely at this Stop Sign

Yes, indeed, this is the stop sign I told you about yesterday.  Our neighbor AJ had spotted the bullet hole which threatened the letter “T”.  Someone obviously felt a little frustrated because he or she couldn’t shoot a deer.  So they shot a stop sign instead. 

Back to the exciting final moments with my deer.

And she's off and running toward the other side of the road!

The camera is shooting wildly!  The deer’s white tail is up in the air!  She’s leaping!  She’s crashing through the brush!  She’s running to escape the shutter lens!

And the final photo, in dream-like haziness:

What a beauty!

I proudly returned to the house with my photo-trophies.  The deer happily bounded into the woods to meet its compatriot. 

Hunting season is over!


Until, of course, the next deer crosses the path of this camera.  🙂