Earth and sky...

With bowed heads we remember

the sweet-shining sun under which the turkey strutted

all bold and daring,

the mud puddle where the pig wallowed,

the dark smell of the chicken barn,

the honking of geese.

We give thanks for the loamy earth where grew

that fat potato, the golden orange of  sweet potato marrow,

the rooted slender carrots,

the curve of deep green beans.

Our heart remembers the moon which gives itself to wane and wax,

the roaring of tides in and out,

the ripening of acorns on the mighty oak,

the fierce red cranberries in the bog.

The yeast that bubbles water and hearty flour

into something new, something crusty, something tangled

with sweet butter and honey.

We give thanks for pumpkins and apples and walnuts and

maple syrup, drizzled from tree to plate.

Oh Thanksgiving table born of earth and sky,

this day our hearts open to kneel

on a horizon of thanks.

You feed us.

May we remember you this day as we




Thank you. Thank you so much.

P.S.  oh I better tell you what I did outside today.  Walked up the road in the drizzling rain and down the road in the drizzling rain.  Later stood in the drizzling rain helping Barry with his garage-addition project.  Yep, that was it for the outdoor adventures today.