River pool

River pool

For the third time in thirty years we attempted to visit Silver Mountain and hike up the steps to the summit.  Everyone in the whole county has already been there, I am sure.  My husband has successfully visited there several times.  Yet every time I try to climb Silver Mountain, Something prevents it.

Today, I was determined, we would find the elusive mountain, climb it, take photos, return home and publish a blog about the wonders of the rocky-mountain top.


The river is POWERFUL!  Remember that.

The river is POWERFUL! Remember that.

Trip #1 (all those years ago):  we just plain got lost in the backwoods wilderness of the Ottawa National Forest.

Trip #2:  We knew where we were going, but torrential spring rains washed out the road to the mountain.

Trip #3 (today):  We started out about 3:15 p.m.  I said to Barry, “Do we need a map?”  “No,” he replied breezily, “I know just where we’re going.” And proceeded to tell me exactly how to get there.

So we drove.  And drove.  And drove.  And pretty soon the clock showed 4 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. and we still could not find the right road.  Alas.  We turned down a side road and ended up turning around.  We were starting to get hungry.  And the sun now sat at a very low angle on the horizon, diving down lower.

“We should have started earlier,” we said glumly.  But then I had a brilliant idea!  It may not be the outdoor adventure that we planned, but…”How about we drive over to Covington and eat dinner at the Hardwood Steakhouse?”

I have been wanting to eat dinner at this out-of-the-way restaurant since it opened a couple years ago.  And we are NEVER anywhere near the restaurant at dinner time.  It’s about forty five mintues from our house. Perhaps this is the Universe’s treat.  If we had found Silver Mountain earlier, we never would have traveled this far south. 

“What do you think?  Can we go?  Oh let’s go!” I enthusiastically gushed.

We should have brought our map.

We should have brought our map.

Finally we discovered exactly where we were in these winding back roads, and we could have easily found our way to the little mountain.  But by then it was 5 p.m. and would be dark in an hour.  We decided to follow the road to the Sturgeon River Campgrounds (where we had camped years ago with our family).  This brought back memories of the time a rainstorm washed out our tent and how we rose soaking wet at 6 a.m. Sunday to drive home.  I remember we ate donuts in the car and somebody…no names please…threw up the donuts all over.  What a fun family trip that proved to be!

Sun-lit tres along the river

Sun-lit trees along the river

I climbed down to the river to take photos and discovered the following rock.  Someone had written appropriate sentiments onto the big stone overlooking the rapidly rushing river. 

The rock says it all

The rock says it all

So we didn’t make it to Silver Mountain today.  (Or the last time, or the time before that.)  Remember the saying, “You know how to make God laugh?  Tell him your plans!!”  We announced our intentions, but the Universe had another plan.  It said, “No, today you will drive down lovely country back roads.  You will wander by the Sturgeon River.  And, best of all, you will eat a lovely sesame-encrusted salmon with orange-ginger sauce at the Hardwood Steakhouse in Covington.”

Delicious dinner

Delicious dinner

Here is the secret to life:  Sometimes you have to make plans.  But always be prepared to listen to any alternate plans the Universe has in mind.  Be infinitely flexible. Be ready to turn left instead of right.  Laugh a lot.  If you can’t find Silver Mountain before sunset, look for a good restaurant. 

It’s as simple as that.  🙂