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Wriggling earth worm

Wriggling earth worm

C’mon now, ‘fess up.  What did the earth say to YOU today?  What stories did she whisper in your ear?  What tales did she share? 

Were they romance stories?  Drama?  Historical fiction?  Murder-mystery?

When you took your walk down country roads, down busy city streets, in suburbs, on trails, through impenetrable bush…did you pause to notice the stories all around you?

Did you see leaves of many colors, each one with a wordless teaching?

Initimacy with rain-soaked black leaf

Intimacy with rain-soaked black leaf

Did you leave the thought-world in your head for a few moments to stay present with the calling crow, the rustling trees in the wind, the crackling-dried autumn flower arrangements along the road?

Did the earth tell you it loved you?  Did you reciprocate? Did your patch of earth look healthy, strong, resonant?  Was it weak, littered with garbage, belching with factory smoke?  Perhaps a combination?  Did you think how you might share her stories, or help her in some way?  Could you even see her as a sacred essence, or was she relegated to a “thing” or “object” in your mind, not worthy of personal stories?

Smell those apples.  Breathe deep!

Smell those apples. Breathe deep!

What gifts did the earth give you today?  Any apples?  Squash?  Carrots?  Any wool, cotton, wood, herbs?  Did she give you fresh air and a home, heat or air conditioning?  Did she shower you with gifts from across the world like coffee, bananas, grain?  And did you pause in gratitude, your heart suddenly realizing the immensity of this gift?  Did tears rise in your eyes?

The blackest of cones (or some cone-like object on a low bush)

The blackest of cones (or some cone-like object on a low bush)

And the mysteries!  You can’t take a walk, can you, without finding something of interest?  Even while visiting  the depths of Manhattan last spring I noticed how Mother Nature flouted her treasures, her tresses, her beauty.  Something unusual or unique presented itself around every corner, in odd nooks and crannies.  I love that we’re surprised every single day.  And that her story never makes us yawn.  Not if we keep our eyes open and aware. 

Looking down into the curling cylinder of birch bark

Looking down into the curling cylinder of birch bark

So what did Mama Nature share with you today?  Did you spend some time in her sunlight, her rain, her heat, her snow, her wind?  Did you shiver or bake?  Did you keep your eyes wide and interested?  Did you talk to her in your mind (or maybe even out loud!)?  Did you lay on the grass?  Swim in a lake or ocean?  Climb a tree?  Walk down a road?  Catch a falling leave?  Bicycle?  Just think of all the different things we did outside today!

And, if we didn’t or couldn’t go outside, just think!  There’s tomorrow.  We can go exploring tomorrow.  Just don’t forget.  Don’t let tomorrow get away from you, too.  Even a space of fifteen minutes breathing the crisp autumn air can revive you down to your tippy toes and take away tension and stress in your back, your arms, your heart, your head.  Do try it!

Follow the trail which presents itself.

Follow the trail which presents itself.

P.S.  I am SO filled with joy tonight!  Our friend Reggie from Grains of Sand blog made the front page of today!  My greatest wish is that some of my dear friend-bloggers here find their blogs highlighted.  There are so many wonderful blogs written here, and it’s such a great feeling of excitement to be featured.  Hurray, Reggie!  We’re cheering you on from the sidelines and happy to hear that your home in South Africa is being featured.  (And I know the earth is silently singing, Thank you Reggie for all the blogs you write about us.  Thank you for caring!)


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