Autumn picnic, anyone?

Autumn picnic, anyone?

Blog readers, please meet Ms. Sony Cyber-Shot 12.1 MegaPixels.  Ms. Camera, meet the blog readers.  Shake hands.  You guys will be getting to know one another well.

Oh, it’s been such fun playing with the new camera yesterday and today.  Makes you REALLY want to go outdoors and mess around with shutter settings and such.  Especially when some of the autumn colors are still bursting in grandeur against the horizon.  In maybe two weeks we’ll be peering up at the skeletons of trees.  But for now they’re still twirling in their finery, their coats of many colors, preening on frosty mornings and snowy afternoons.

Lake.  Tree.  Sky reflection.  Autumn Colors.

Lake. Tree. Sky reflection. Autumn Colors.

I’ve jumped out of more cars this year chasing the elusive photo.  Here’s the inherent problem.  You see The Shot.  The best photo in the universe.  And you pause.  Just to get your thoughts and intentions together about whether you should stop or keeping going.  And by the time you’ve decided to stop, it’s too late.  The perfect angle is gone.  Another angle has presented itself.  And it’s not the Same.  This time it’s filled with telephone wires or somehow looks Wrong.   You should learn to stop immediately. 

Reflection in lake

Reflection in lake

Another camera dilemma.  You can take pictures ready-made to email.  In a handy compact size.  Or you can take pictures in an 8 X 10 size.  There are so many options.  Which one to use?  The old Cyber-Shot didn’t operate this way.  But the new one wants to Know.  Give us some more specifics, it says.  I don’t know, I say.  Tell us anyway, it says.  So I say:  how ’bout an 8 X10?  And if it doesn’t come out clean and crisp and dynamic, we’ll change.  OK, says the camera.  It’s a deal.  (And now we’re talking to cameras…)

Who says it's past summer?  This flower begs to differ!

Who says it's past summer? This flower begs to differ!

But now we have a zoom lens.  And a macro setting.  We can lean oh-so-close to that summer-loving flower and capture the very rain drops glistening on its pink body.  Yes!  Who say’s it autumn?

Glistening dew drops (or melted frost drops?  hmmm...)

Glistening dew drops (or melted frost drops? hmmm...)

OK, lean close.  My work bosses aren’t reading this, are they?  Except maybe one of you, and you understand, don’t you? 

I was sitting there at work this morning and noticed the Most Beautiful Photo Opportunity in the Universe.  The light reflected against a morning blue sky with incredible intensity.  Such colors!  I gasped.  Looked around.  Did I dare…?  Sneak out for five short minutes and just snap a couple pictures?  I could get the mail on the way, right? 

Oh!  Be still my heart...

Oh! Be still my heart...

And, just beyond, in a field of frost:

Dawn lights up the trees

Dawn lights up the trees

Scurrying back to my desk, almost tripping because five minutes had passed, I paused to let the camera admire a frost-touched Queen’s Anne Lace.  Doesn’t it look like the flower is praying when it closes up like that? 


The frost lingered to kiss the tender folded autumn flower

The frost lingered to kiss the tender folded autumn flower

Yes, I like this new camera really well.  THIS time I will not abuse it.  Will keep it nicely in its camera case and not lying helter-skelter all over the car.  We will not drop it on its lens and murder the zoom lens.  Will not take 8,000 photos in less than ten months.  Except…well, maybe we will.  Who knows?  With so many interesting photo opportunities.

Yes, you guys, you faithful readers who have heard of my reluctant foray into the world of photography.  Lean close again.  I think I’m starting to like taking pictures.  Not sure, but it’s a possibility…

P.S.  oh you really want to hear about my outdoor adventure today?  Splitting wood again.  One more load to go.  Only one more load to go!