Houston, we have a problem.

My lil old Sony Cyber-shot camera decided to…how do we put it nicely?…die last night.

Maybe it was all those pics of brussels sprouts.  Maybe some mud inadvertently splashed into the lens and messed up the delicate machinery.  Here’s what happened:  I turned on the camera.  The lens popped out happily and then immediately retreated in horror.  I tried to fix this in at least sixteen different ways.  Changed the battery.  Charged and changed another battery.  But, alas, to no avail.  The camera simply stuttered to a standstill. Like it was sticking out its lens-tongue at me, and then retreating.

So I awoke this morning and decided Something Must Be Done.  Pronto.  Remember the blog, Kathy!  (said in the spirit of Remember the Alamo!) 

Time to buy a new camera.  Even though we don’t have two extra pennies to rub together  this month because of this darn garage edition, the upcoming house insurance, and my–ahem–plane ticket for San Diego next month. 

The things we must do for our “art”.  (This line comes from Phantom of the Opera.  And the next line says, “If you call that rubbish “art“….)

I pointed the car toward Marquette.  Inwardly smiling gleefully at an opportunity to drive to the Big City. 

Of course the most beautiful scenic views of the years presented themselves.  I felt naked.  Absolutely naked.  Once I actually grabbed for the defunct camera, forgetting the current dilemma. 

So here are your pictures.  Please use your imagination:

1)  Black fluffy clouds low on the dawn horizon, swirling up into the heavens.  The light is mystical, magical.  You’ve never seen clouds looking like this, have you?  Have you ever?

2)  Icy frozen pavement threatening to send the car careening into the ditch.  Well, I know this is a boring shot.  But thought you should see it.

3)  Oh look at that incredible photo of red and orange and yellow leaves trees!  Never have you viewed cleaner, crisper, more tangible colors.  You gasp in awe.  You say, “What photography!  This photo should hang in an art gallery!  I am going to write some art galleries right away and suggest they look at Kathy’s blog.”

4)  A photo which captures spitting snow on the road to Marquette.  How incredible are the flakes!  So white, so vivid!  So…so….cold…  Brrr….

OK, those are your photos for the day.  Tomorrow you shall witness photos taken from my brand new camera.  Yes, it’s another Sony Cyber-shot.  Which means all the batteries and memory are interchangeable between the old and the new.  But this time the sweet little camera has 12.1 mega pixels, (whatever that means) and the 3X zoom lens actually works.  The nice young lady, Stacey, at Walmart offered to program it with date and time and teach me all the basics.  She wouldn’t agree to appearing in this blog, however.  Go figure. 

5)  So you can imagine her photo here.  She is a smiling pretty girl with sparkly eyes.  And I’m smiling too, taking the picture.  A new camera!  And a 3 year warranty.  What could be better?  🙂

P.S.  I spent some time wandering near Alberta, Michigan, in the autumn woods near the lake.  Possible photos tomorrow when I figure how to actually upload them.  Later Barry wanted to go sit out on the deck before dinner.  Was he nuts?  But I still had time to put in outdoors, so agreed.  It really wasn’t that cold when dressed in one’s warmest winter jacket, hats and mittens.