The imacculate spotless refrigerator

The immaculate spotless refrigerator

OK, this is the scoop.  We’re getting company tomorrow.  And you all know what that means, right?  It means you need to Clean the House.  All that dust needs to get outa here!  You need to vacuum, to scrub, to make everything spotless and shiny and beautiful. 

It’s the advantage of having company, you know.  The rest of the year you can let the windows get cloudy and dirty.  The rest of the year you can let the dust collect.  But when Company comes, get out your brooms and vacuums and dustpans and rags. Chop, chop!  Get a’moving!  You can do it!

So you work an hour or so, and pretty soon you’re tired and your inner voice is whining, “Why DO we have to do this ANYWAY?”  So what do you do?  Open the door and walk outside.  And there, just outside your front door, is a riot of red and orange and yellow color.  It’s breath-taking.  You breathe deeply and admire the autumn leaves.



Then, when you feel relaxed and easy enough, you return to your check-off list.  Have you vacuumed upstairs and downstairs?  Washed windows?  Dusted?  Scrubbed countertops and toaster and stove and frig?  Have you cleaned the bathroom?  Swept the steps?  Windexed the glass table?  How about the lights?  C’mon now, times a’wastin’!  Get cleaning!

Can you hear that vaccuum cleaner running?

Can you hear that vacuum cleaner running?

My mom and dad are coming to visit tomorrow.  We are excited about their visit.  They last came in September, 2008, and Barry took my dad out on a friend’s boat for a fishing trip.  This weekend it doesn’t look like the weather is going to be extremely cooperative.  Possible snow.  Hmmm….what the heck are we going to do?  What outdoor adventures might appeal?  Nothing too strenuous like a hike up a mountain, but perhaps a color tour?  Or a drive out to Pt. Abbaye?  We will be driving up to Michigan Tech to pick up my nephew Doug and his roommate for dinner on Saturday night.  But other than that…please send me inspiration as to what we can do!

Red leaves

Red leaves

About 2 p.m. today the house was 80% cleaned.  I needed some photos for tomorrow’s blog (after all, I’m not going to sit down tomorrow night right after Mom and Dad arrive and say, “Excuse me, guys, entertain yourselves, I need to write a blog.”) so when my friend Lyn called wanting to take a walk, I agreed.  Much photo-taking ensued. So tomorrow’s blog will be written about 8 a.m. from a Houghton coffee shop before a work-related meeting.  (Even though it won’ t be posted until its usual time–don’t get impatient!)

Whew, this commitment gets a little dicey at times…  A little hard to fit in outdoor activities and blogging EVERY SINGLE DAY.  But, so far, 292 days later, it’s still working.

There is only one place in the house that I’m refusing to clean.  The upper windows.  They’re about sixteen feet above the floor and guess why I’m on strike?  They’re buzzing with dozens and dozens of crazy live flies.  We usually wait until they die and then knock them down with a long long handle and vacuum up the corpses.  It’s not time for their funeral yet, so the flies will have to remain as background music.

The joys of living in the middle of the woods!  Mom and Dad, hope you don’t mind. I know…you come to see US and you don’t care what our house looks like.  Right??  (oops, and watch out for those flies!)

Our upper windows.  OK, a little dirty.  But do we really care?

Our upper windows. OK, a little dirty. But do we really care?