wordpress.com on slate

wordpress.com on slate

Yes, dear readers, the blog has experienced a rather excitable day.  It’s like a child who has had Too Much Christmas.  Too Much Halloween.  You know how children get.  You give them too many presents or candy and they’re off and running!  And this blog is still quivering with excitement and happiness. 

Can you guess what happened?  The blog writer went to work, like she usually does, and didn’t check email until later in the day.  And there was The Email.  The blog perked up its ears.  This is what the email said:  Congrats! Your post ( https://centria.wordpress.com/2009/09/29/repeating-myself-like-a-broken-record-record-record/ ) has just been promoted to the homepage of WordPress.com. Keep up the good work!
Thanks a million,
The WordPress.com Team

The blog jumped so high it hit the ceiling!  The blog danced around the house!  The blog turned to the writer and said, “Ha!  Told you so!  You were ready to quit me last week, weren’t you?  You were ready to throw me in Lake Superior, weren’t you?  Ha!  What do you think now?”

Well, of course, the blog writer knew immediately that the Blog was out-of-control.  So what do moms do when their children get a little wild and crazy and nuts?  Of course!  Send them outside!  Let them run off their energy and steam. 

“C’mon, Barry,” the blog writer said to her husband, “let’s go to the Slate Quarry.”

Put the blog photographer to work.  Let's keep things in perspective.

Put the blog photographer to work. Let's keep things in perspective.

The blog knew something was up yesterday.  Something strange happened.  The daily stats soared to 274 hits.  An all-time high! What?  What was happening?  How come?  Did everyone suddenly decide they wanted to go outside and searched for “outdoor blogs”?  The blog shook its head in amazement.  Something was in the air.

Then came The Email.  And when you clicked on wordpress.com there it was in black and white.  This outdoor blog.  And people started sauntering over to check it out.  To see what the heck the blog title was talking about.  A broken record?  A broken CD?  C’mon, what the heck does that MEAN?

The blog felt like she was caught in her pajamas. In her pajamas and over 600 people come over to visit!  Uninvited guests, but oh so welcome.  We’ve been handing out wild apples to visitors all day.  “Thank you for stopping by! Thank you for stopping by!”

Apples for the visitors!

Apples for the visitors!

It’s 7 p.m. at night and there have been 622 views.  The blog has never known this excitement!  I swear, how do you calm the blog down so it can sleep?  Meditation? Alcohol?  Sleeping pills?  A jog down the road?  The writer is befuddled.  How does one keep one’s blog halfway calm?  We’re drinking lavender and chamomile tea now.  We hope that works.

Mud puddle reflections

Mud puddle reflections

Tomorrow we’re sure things will be back to “normal”.  We’ll tell you about our outdoor adventure to the Arvon Slate Quarry.  We’re sure the blog will be calm by then.  Her heartbeat back to normal.  Come back and visit again then, OK?

P.S.  It’s 7:47 p.m. and it looks like…maybe…they’ve taken this blog off their home page.  The blog hits have gone silent.  We’re all looking ’round, shaking our head.  Is everyone gone?  Is it safe to put the pajamas back on?  What do you think?