OK, this is the scoop.  I’m busy.

It always happens the day after travel.  Have to catch up on my two part-time jobs, all the mail, household chores, garden, Everything. 

I have no time to ponder a proper blog. 

So here’s your two photos of the day:

Barry's Project

Barry's Project


The Remainder of Barry's project

The Remainder of Barry's project

Barry’s been busy while I’ve been visiting his parents in Georgia.  Besides working at his day job, he’s building an addition onto the garage.  The purpose of the addition is to house the boat. 

Today the cement truck arrived and poured concrete into his pre-formed boards.  He now has a floor for the addition. 

It’s the latest “baby” of the household, let me tell you!  OK, sorry to be so short, but almost everything has been indoor-catching-up today.  Outdoor adventure:  garden harvesting and talking and eating outside on the deck. 

158 words!  Amazing.  Guess this is how you write a short blog.  tee hee…  🙂

Don’t get too used to it!