Ahem.  It’s hard to talk about these things, you know.

Especially at this time of year.  We’re suppose to be grateful and happy and delighted.

We shouldn’t be having feelings of…overwhelm.

But I am.

It’s Harvest Time and the garden is overloaded with vegetables to harvest.  There were beans, green onions, lettuce, cucumber, kale and tomatoes to pick today.  Oh, and don’t forget the broccoli. 

I’m afraid I got a little stressed this afternoon.  Too much to do.

Gangly green onions

Gangly green onions

One shouldn’t even be complaining this year.  It’s not like the garden is on over-drive or anything after our incredibly almost record-breaking cold summer.  Canning isn’t even happening yet!  Freezing is only moderately happening.  I’m not making zucchini relish, pickled beets or pickled beans, as in past years. 

But there is still a mountain of vegetables to pick and wash and cook and eat.  A never-ending supply.  I spent…how many hours was it in the kitchen today?  Two, three?  On and off, trekking between the garden and the kitchen sink.  The refrigerator is over-flowing.

The tomatoes are finally turning lovely shades of orange and red.  We have picked and eaten maybe four of the luscious globes.

Look at this orange one!  Should be ready to pick in a couple days.

Look at this orange one! Should be ready to pick in a couple days.

And I discovered the first of the zucchini poking out under all those huge leaves today.  Imagine that!  A month ago there were dire predictions that we would not see a single zucchini this year.  But, there she is:

Zuchinni growing out of its flower

Zucchini growing out of its flower

Here is my problem.  I want to do be doing other things, rather than slaving in the garden and kitchen for hours.  Here is what I wanted to be doing:

1)  reading a really good book called “The Help” on the lawn chair on the deck in the lovely warm weather with a cup of tea.  I tried.  For five minutes.  Then the 1001 other chores took precedence and the day’s relaxation was abandoned.

2)  reading other people’s blogs.  I am once again ‘way behind on the adventures of friends and acquaintances. 

3)  calling certain friends.  It’s been too long since some of us have caught up.

4)  oh this list could go on and on.  But I was in the garden and kitchen.

Wouldn't it be nice...?

Wouldn't it be nice...?

Every September I feel this way.  My two part-time jobs are at their busiest.  And the garden is always a hard task-master, demanding you keep up every single day, whether you feel like it or not. 

At the top of the list for tomorrow morning is:  dehydrate wild mushrooms.  That must be done, pronto.  And then there’s all those tomatoes coming on which means salsa.  All before I leave for Georgia in one week to visit my in-laws.  (Really looking forward to outdoor adventures near Athens, Georgia!)

So, anyway, thank you for listening to this confession.  I really do feel grateful for all the vegetables and mushrooms and berries.  Honest.  If only the harvest didn’t come all at once.  But it does sure taste so wonderful…

P.S.  almost forgot to tell you!  It’s our anniversary today.  We’ve been married…how many years now?…31 years!