002The prairie dog pokes its head up above the ground, scanning the Keweenaw Peninsula for interesting tidbits.  You can hardly discern his eyes or mouth, but his hair looks like Einstein.  What a white robe he wears!  What an interesting creature!  Who would have thought this kind of creature exists around these parts?

Up floats the rare Huron Bay starfish from the watery depths.  Look at the yellow shine on that starfish!  Look at the face in the center!  What a beach find.  A find of the century.  What do you think it means?

Yesterday this ancient fossil of the first swimming creature in Lake Superior appeared.  Can you tell its resemblance to the mighty lake trout?  Perhaps the leaping whitefish?  The pouting burbot? The lurking sturgeon? 


The day after the wedding.  The chairs lined up in a row, empty.  The radio sings “Eleanor Rigby”…picks up the rice at a church where the wedding has been…all the lonely people…where do they all come from?  The chairs don’t answer. 


Fleeting view of a rare albino mosquito!  What a day!  Watch out; you’ve heard the rumors.  If a rare albino mosquito bites you…well, I don’t want to even write it down. 


Local satellite searching for sounds of extra-terrestial activity in deep space.  Shhh!  I hear something, don’t you?  Elvis songs beamed from space?  “You’re nothin’ but a hound dog…cryin’ all the time…”

Wonder what I’ll find on tomorrow’s outdoor adventure???  You guys think I’ve been doing this too long?