Wildflower heaven at the side of the road

Wildflower heaven at the side of the road

For weeks now I’ve been in love with the sides of the road, driving into town.  Truly, the wildflowers are breathless.  They’re alive, stunning, amazing!  The Gardens of Eden lie on the edges of the roads during the summer months.  Don’t you think so?

Every day, driving into town, I oooohhhh and ahhhhh over this flower arrangement and that.  It looks like families of Queen Anne’s Lace sprout villages everywhere.  Thick villages of Lace.  Later on down the road a bit, colonies of Birdsfoot Treefoil gleam in yellow splendor.  Over there–Tansy towns!  Over there–Black-Eyed Susans!  Everywhere you look, another race and color and culture sprouts.

Today I decided to actually get out of the car and take photos.

Do not pass.  Please.

Do not pass. Please.

Were we humans as tolerant of other races, colors and creeds as we are of wildflowers…  I think the Universe needs us all.  We’re all flowers of beauty sprouting on the roadsides of this planet.

No passing zone.  Absolutely not.

No passing zone. Absolutely not.

I kept dashing out of the car and running up toward flowers and signs to capture their beauty.  Of course, passerbys in zooming vehicles stared open-mouthed.  They obviously couldn’t figure out why someone was taking a picture of a “Do Not Pass” sign.  Obviously, they weren’t looking low enough at the ground.  At the carpet of wildflowers surrounding the sign.

Getting up close to Black Eyed Susan.  How do you do?

Getting up close to Black Eyed Susan. How do you do?

Let’s move up a few hours, until tonight’s dinner.  This has nothing to do with wildflowers.  More to do with my main outdoor stint:  weeding and harvesting in the garden.  The pea pods needed picking!  The carrots needed weeding!  The onions needed pulling!

And the reason the onions needed pulling were…you’ll never imagine this in 100 years…Blueberry Sauce for our lake trout.  Yes, you read that correctly.  We made Blueberry Sauce to slather atop our lake trout for dinner tonight.  First you heat up a couple teaspoons of oil.  Add to that a small minced onion (with some sea salt).  After that sautes for two minutes, add a fresh jalapeno chili, seeded and minced. I substituted dried peppers from last year’s garden.  Later add 1/4 vinegar, 2 T. sugar and 4 T. spicy mustard.  Finally, 1 cup fresh blueberries.  Simmer 10-15 minutes, then blend in food processor til smooth.

It’s…interesting.  We will make it again.  (I adjusted the recipe from 1 T. of sugar to 2 T. because the recipe tasted a bit too tart.)  It does not taste too sweet. And it definitely creates an intriguing sauce for fish.  Especially if you eat a LOT of fish and want to try different sauces.  The recipe comes to you, modified, from Christina Pirello’s book Cooking the Whole Foods Way.

Fresh pea pods sauteed in dark sesame oil and bluebery sauce over lake trout

Fresh pea pods sauteed in dark sesame oil and blueberry sauce over lake trout

We ate on the deck.  Which made it an outdoor adventure, even before we spooned the blueberry sauce on that fish!!