OK, an outdoor adventure can’t get any more fun that this.

You guys are with me now, in the woods, with a flurry of mosquitoes buzzing around. 

Seriously, you are!

I have taken my new laptop outside into the woods and am actually snapping photos and writing this blog while simultaneously having the outdoor adventure on this Day #214 of the Outdoor Commitment.

Do you want to know where we are?

Our house peeks through the spruce trees

Our house peeks through the spruce trees

We are nestled in one of the kids’ old forts.  You can tell that because there are wooden boards pounded down and set nicely between the trees.  One of the boards lies covered with spruce needles and green moss so thick you know it will soon belong to the soil again.  There’s a stone which lies in the middle of the fort, and a broken coffee cup.  I’m afraid the coffee cup was mine, and has a story attached to it.  More later.

Back to the marvels of the wireless world which allows a laptop computer to travel into the woods!  I’ve never been able to do this before.  Before I was attached to the internet-world via a cord and electricity.  This may have been a good thing. 

But now the worlds are One.  The computer and I are listening to the bird song.  Such a shrill calling from overhead!  The computer urges not to get any blood on its keys, from swatting hungry blood-filled mosquitoes.  Thunder rumbles in the distance.  Which makes one want to type rapidly, in case rain showers decide to soak the computer.  And then there’s the challenge of this hard bench…oh it’s not too comfortable.  But it provides back support with a sturdy spruce.  If I settle down into the dried leaves, the back might be challenged.

Off, ye mosquito!  Slap! 

for your viewing pleasure...one of the fort's benches

for your viewing pleasure...one of the fort's benches

Ah, yes, where were we?  In the time to upload that photo, the mind has wandered into reading emails and…sigh…not being particularly present to the Outdoors and the Fort.  Except for the mosquitoes.  This is the disadvantage to being too highly wired.  One’s attention perhaps isn’t on Where One Is. 

Since we’re flitting all around, it’s time to share the Story of the Cup.

A broken cup indeed

A broken cup indeed

Pardon me.  Slap!  Slap!  Slap!  Such an bloody adventure today.

Back to the cup.  Years and years ago (far too many years to count) I wanted to quit drinking so much coffee.  Time to oust the java habit.  (WOW!  Loud thunder!!)  So I came outside beneath these trees and talked to the Universal Powers that Be.  Asked for assistance in breaking the coffee habit. Left a coffee cut to demonstrate sincerity.

Well…looking at this cup and smiling right now…looks like something was broken!   Cracked right in half!  The name on the cup says “A Walk through Dreaming Meadows”.  And, truly, the Powers that Be must have assisted for I am really in good relationship with the Java these days.  I like to drink some, but not too much. 

This place holds such good vibes.  Memories of little children playing here.  Our earnest son with his hammer pounding and building this fort in the woods.  Our daughter (almost four years younger) running behind in delight, following wherever her older brother led.

I’m not sure if it’s spruce needles falling or raindrops, so will sign off now.  Thank you all for joining me for an afternoon adventure in the fort.  We’ve never been so close.  HOWEVER, will probably not be lugging this computer around every day outside.  That simply wouldn’t be right.

Must go now, as soon as I scoot that tiny yellow insect off the computer screen…