Time for a Road Trip!  Goodbye, Barry.  Hello, Road!

Time for a Road Trip! Goodbye, Barry. Hello, Road!

Yes, yes, it’s a little soon to be taking another trip.  The adventure visiting my daughter in New York City just happened.

However, our sweet young niece has just graduated from high school and there’s a big graduation party next Sunday down in the Thumb of Michigan, and I wouldn’t miss this for the world!

(Barry can’t get away from work for a week right now…)

So I’m coming to you LIVE from the Gaylord Public Library on Computer Station F.  What an interesting twenty four hours it has been!  First, the family is ribbing me mercilessly because it is taking three days to travel 550 miles downstate.  I argued that it will only be 48 hours.  They disagreed, announcing that it will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  They insist that’s three days. 

We shan’t quibble with them, as I LOVE road trips.  I meandered through Marquette yesterday, enjoying an outdoor adventure with umbrella in the rain.  Book stores, coffee shops, restaurants, walks…yes, it was fun.  Later in the evening I decided to drive further east and checked into a motel in Munising.  As the skies darkened, the rain poured and the cold 40 degree temperatures blew windy off the bay, I realized more time was needed outdoors to satisfy the outdoor commitment.

It was challenging.  The rain poured sideways and trickled beneath the umbrella.  My fingers froze gripping the umbrella handle and cell phone.  It was too cold to take photos.  The tennis shoes quickly became soggy.  I tried to relax into the experience and almost succeeded.  Almost.  It was one of the more challenging outdoor adventures thus far.

This morning still dawned cold, but clear.  I walked about three quarters of a mile to a lovely little restaurant and enjoyed scrambled eggs , toast and coffee before driving very slowly down toward Gaylord, stopping often.  Everywhere people complained about the weather.  About the cold.  The cloudy skies.  They lamented that summer had not yet arrived.  The waitress this morning even suggested sun lamps to help our spirits.  It made me happy to be heading downstate to the Thumb of Michigan, where temperatures generally are ten degrees warmer than the Upper Peninsula.

It’s been 328 miles thus far.  Gas is $2.94 a gallon.  Gerry, from Torch Lake Views, who comments regularly on this blog, and I are meeting probably tomorrow morning for breakfast or tonight for dinner in Bellaire. (Bellaire is the town near my brother’s cottage.  That’s where tonight’s layover will be.  Will try to take some photos there, as it was one of my favorite growing-up places.  Years ago I took driver’s training in this little town…)

I suppose computer time is almost up.  Oh this has been a lovely stop.  On to Bellaire!  Will update you with more photos and stories tomorrow night from my parent’s home in Yale.  Until then!