It’s hard to keep playing in a silly way about such things as “trashy blogs” today.  A dear friend has been diagnosed with cancer and I am nothing but sad.

But, nonetheless, shall I share with you the wild animal which announced itself during yesterday’s trash-cleaning expedition?  No, Gerry, it was not an armadillo or possum.  Believe it or not, we don’t have possums here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, although I’m sure they’ll be trekking this way soon.  The creatures always end up moving north, whether we’re talking about wild turkeys or black squirrels.  No, Carla, it was not a snake, although those long and slender fellas should be announcing themselves soon, usually in our woodpile.

It was…it was…

Are you ready?

The season’s first wood tick!  Yes, wood tick season has begun.  Sigh…  These are not usually the creatures which carry Lyme disease.  These are second cousins of the Lyme-disease carrying deer tick. 

It’s not uncommon to have a half dozen, or a dozen, or two dozen, of the little creepy-crawlers climbing into your socks and behind your ears and attempting to burrow in your scalp or stick their tiny pincers in any available juicy skin.

We’ll have lots to talk about wood ticks in the next few months, when I’m not so sad. 

Welcome to our first wood tick of the season

Welcome to our first wood tick of the season

P.S.  today’s outdoor adventure involved wandering in the drizzling rain in the woods.  That’s all.