Meet Mr. Red Breast Robin

Meet Mr. Red Breast Robin

We’ve had someone knocking at the basement door every daylight hour.  Or shall I say, pecking at the window?  Mr. Robin pecks and flutters and flies up.  Over and over and over again. 

It’s a little disconcerting, this infernal knocking.  The truth of the matter is he’s in love with his reflection.  He’s fallen head-over-heels in love.  He’s dreaming of making nests, having babies and delivering worms to his love and offspring.  He’s smitten. 

All day yesterday he pecked and preened and begged his love to respond.  All day long our window refused to yield her position.

Our fluttering desperate crazed love-strung robin

Our fluttering desperate crazed love-strung robin

When I returned from work this morning Barry had penned a message:  “The robin is still at it.”  Alas.  I had tried to put a vacuum cleaner in front of the sliding glass door yesterday, in hopes he’d get the idea.  Alas.  He did not.

Finally a brilliant idea struck.  I scurried outside and placed our two ash buckets (plus a random cardboard box) in front of the window–on the outside of the house.

Hurray!  He got the idea!  He’s stopped pecking and robin-dancing and attempting to mate with the window.  We’re hoping he finds Mrs. Robin soon.  And maybe we’ll even get a glimpse of those robin blue eggs in the nest a short while from now.

If anyone is waiting for a photo of the wild anemone, the first lovely white flower to grace our woodlands…click on this link.  You’ll not witness one in this blog, yet.  Our flandrumhill posted on her blog that the wild coltsfoot are blooming in Nova Scotia!  My mouth dropped clear to the ground.  WE haven’t seen any wildflowers.  Have we, Cindy?

But, good sleuth that I am, I went searching today for our first wildflower. 

Alas.  None to be yet discovered, at least not in the usual places.  We shall wait with expectancy.

I did discover flies.  Lots of them, on my car.  They, too, were doing their mating dances.  Ahhh, springtime in the north woods! 

Flies on my car.  Sorry for the x-rated photo.

Flies on my car. Sorry for the x-rated photo.

P.S.  I’m hosting Book Club here tonight.  Can you imagine what we’re reading and discussing this evening?  The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck.  Very appropriate, I should say.  Must go finish cleaning the house NOW!

P.S.S.  Almost forgot the most exciting thing!  It’s 74 degrees right now, at 6 p.m.  Ahhh…earthly delight…