Ten inches of snow everywhere

Ten inches of new snow everywhere

I had plans today.  Several plans, in fact.  I had an Artist’s Way meeting to attend.  Things to do, places to go, people to meet.

The weather chuckled and snow fell.  Lots of snow fell.  At least ten inches.  By morning the driveway was filled with lots of heavy white snow.  Too much for my car to navigate successfully without being plowed first. 

Schools were all cancelled.  No work for me today.  Barry went out to put the heater on the tractor for plowing but neglected to charge the battery.  The battery steadfastly refused to start.  Because he’s the proud owner of a four wheel drive 1949 Studebaker, he barrelled through the snow to get to work.  Not before warning his wife of the peril of departing from the unplowed driveway.

Studebaker tracks in the deep snow

Studebaker tracks in the deep snow

It actually worked out well.  I caught up on at least one hundred undone chores.  Enjoyed some beautiful time in the Great Outdoors.  Shoveled snow from the deck.  And admired the way the sun cast shadows against the snow. 

The sun was so bright you had to blink and scrunch your eyes.  You remembered stories about snow blindness.  You imagined a groundhog coming out from a winter den and blinking confused in the bright sunlight.  A shadow!  Is winter departing or sticking around for another six weeks?

My favorite snow shadow photo

My favorite snow shadow photo

Snowstorms contain that ability to shut things down.  To cancel plans.  To prevent driving from Point A to Point B.  Some of our Yoopers with four wheel drive trucks drive nonchalantly in any kind of weather, but the more cautious among us heed the weather.  We use the weather as a sign to slow down, stay home, stoke the fire, and catch up on chores.  Or read.  Or play computer games.  Whatever!

I filed our federal and state taxes today.  Fun, right?  A chore I’ve been putting off as so many other possibilities seemed much more interesting…

Shadows on the snow near the woodpile.  Look how much snow on the woodpile!

Shadows on the snow near the woodpile. Look how much snow on the woodpile!

I’m imagining that other places in the country and world are feeling the loosening of winter’s grip.  Spring is shaking things up elsewhere.  Seeds are contemplating their birth.  Not here.  Certainly not here.

Winter’s still got a gleam in his eye.  He’s not loosening his grip yet.  He’s shaking his big white mane and snow still falls everywhere…