Ladies & Gentlemen! I’ve left the county and am now in Marquette, Michigan, to watch the dogsled races.  I am so excited to have driven these 80 miles east to the Big City.

It all needed to work out easily.  Luckily, the roads are relatively clear.  Luckily, it’s not suppose to snow much. Luckily, a motel room presented itself when other dog-lovers cancelled.  Luckily, my friend is watching the start of the UP 200 races and invited me to join her.  (correction:  I called and asked her if I could  join her in viewing the race.)

It’s so exciting to be in Marquette!  I was going to write a long chatty blog about the shops, the streets, the people, the beautiful lake…BUT…the library computers are apparently sick or injured and need repair.  The kind librarian-fellow said I could  use this 15-minute Internet Express Station if  I was quick.

So quick it is!  The shortest number of words you’ve seen thus far!  And no pictures, even though I’ve been snapping photos since arriving in town. Besides tonight’s festivities, I’m walking the streets looking for fun or interesting people, views or photo opportunities.

Not only are there dog sled races tonight, there’s also some sort of nature art exhibit out on Presque Isle for snowshoers and skiers tomorrow.  Will report back to you all tomorrow night!

From the Big City of Marquette,   Kathy  4 minutes left!  Signing out!