Valentine to the earth

Valentine to the earth

If we send a Valentine’s Day card to the earth, what do we say? 

“Dear Earth, I love you, will you be mine?” 

“Dear Earth, You give us so much.  You feed us, you clothe us, you give us everything.  How can we repay you?”

“Dear Earth, the love I feel for you knows no bounds.  We are not separate, you and I.  In every breath and every step I feel your heart.  Will you marry me?”

Just a few ideas.  If anyone wants to offer some Valentine’s Day wishes to the earth please put them in the comments under this blog.  I’ll print them off and put them outside under a tree, or perhaps under a rock somewhere in the woods.  It just seems that perhaps too few of us are thinking about sending a Valentine’s Day wish to this planet….and I think it’s time we considered this.

I’ve heard that as we mature our ability to love keeps expanding.  The first love is self-love.  Then we learn to love our families.  From the nest of our families, we branch out and open our hearts to friends.  From friends, we expand further to acquaintances.  We keep opening our hearts further and soon we’re loving our country. 

Further?  Now our love expands to include other countries, other people, strangers, different ways of life.  Further?  Our heart opens to nature, to the blue and green spinning planet Earth.  Further?  Maybe to the Milky Way and beyond into distant galaxies.  You still want to love further?  Maybe that’s what they call the Love of God, or the Love of the Universe, or the Love of All.  Our love knows no bounds.  We’ve opened our heart to include so much….

I’m contemplating why it’s sometimes been difficult for me to love the earth as much as perhaps it deserves.  So often it just seems too big, too abstract.  I take it for granted.  I forget the gifts it gives everyday.  Perhaps I’m too busy, too distracted, too involved with self or other people. 

Going outside for these 56 days of this outdoors commitment has brought my attention squarely around to the earth.  She’s omnipresent.  Without her, we’d die.  No food, no sunlight, no evening, no February, no jobs, no computer, no blog.

I pondered today what the earth might want for a Valentine’s Day present.  Chocolate and roses?  Probably not (unless they are fair trade…..just kidding!)  I think what the Earth would love in exchange for all her gifts is the present of our consideration.  To take it into account when we choose our actions.  Not to keep our love limited to ourselves, our family, our nation…..but to expand out to consider the good of the planet when we make our decisions.

What if we all did this?  What if we all expanded our love a tiny bit to include this blue and green spinning planet, this beautiful earth?  I surely want to do this more during the upcoming year. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Earth.  Teach us how to love and care for you even more….  Love, Kathy

Seven hearts for the earth on snow

Seven hearts for the earth on snow