Icicles hanging from eaves

Icicles hanging from eaves

Look at those icicles!  We are living in the frozen north woods, aren’t we?  So many of our houses are starting to sprout icicles as our too-warm interiors meet the too-cold outdoor temperatures without adequate roof ventilation.  Our house hasn’t grown any lengthy beauties yet, so I’ve been on the look-out for majestic icicles for weeks. 

Random fact from Wikipedia:  when those icicles grow long enough to hit the ground (or a corresponding ice spike growing up from the ground) they’re called Ice Columns. 

Remember these facts.  There will be a quiz.

As for today’s outdoor adventure, it hasn’t happened yet.  Not until later this afternoon and evening.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure a computer will be handy until much later (at which point the bed & pillow may be more appealing than sculpting a blog) so tomorrow you’ll get today’s scoop!

The actual destination is a secret.  Some of you know it already.  For the rest of you, I am leaving hints lying around everywhere.  There’s been a hint in almost every paragraph and photo.  Janet and our personal offspring, do not tell.  I will have to fiercely edit your comments.  Some locals among you may guess.

OK, here’s a little hint.  It’s “up the road”.  For you non-local readers, up the road means driving north up to the Keweenaw Peninsula.  The home of Michigan Technological University, Houghton, Hancock, Findlandia University, Calumet and the far reaches of Copper Harbor.  It happens every year at this time of year and it’s almost famous. 

Enough said!  You can not pry it out of my lips or typing fingers.  (and for those of you concerned that I will be cheating tomorrow and NOT going outside….already having a blog squirrelled away….never fear.  Snowshoeing or walking will happen tomorrow.  I just might not write more than a sentence about it.  You will not die in boredom over another snowshoeing saga.)

Sometimes I feel like the storyteller in the famous tale One Thousand and One Nights.  Do you all know the story?  Here’s the synopsis:  Some crazy Persian King (I think he’s crazy; you will too after you hear this!) discovers his wife’s infidelity and has her executed.  Yes, you read that correctly.  He then generalizes to judge all his new wives in a similar manner and executes them all the morning after their wedding night. 

You are wondering, aren’t you, what this blog has to do with that?  Well, one sly and crafty new wife realizes what’s going on and decides to entertain her new husband with a story.  Just as the plot thickens and interest quickens, she announces that the rest of the story will be told the following evening.  She thus keeps postponing her execution for 1001 days and by then he’s fallen in love with her.  At least, I think that’s how the story ends, never having read it.

Sometimes I feel like all you dear readers troop over here day & after day, and I must find some sort of interesting tale to tell you so it wouldn’t have wasted your effort.  But, thank goodness, it’s only for 365 days!  And no one is threatening execution so far….

Making tracks....

Making tracks....

P.S.  Quiz time!  What were those icicles called when they grow long enough to hit the ground?   🙂