Follow the meandering river (odd that it's not ice!)

Follow the meandering river (odd that it's not ice!)

 OK, dear readers, this blog is for YOU.  I spent all my time outdoors today thinking about you and feeling so much gratitude for your presence in my life.

First, thank you for reading this blog.  You can’t imagine how it cheers me on to follow through on this 365 day commitment knowing that you’re interested.  On those days when it’s 10 degrees (or -5 degrees, or even 30 degrees) and it’s time to head outside, I think of you.  And open the door, and walk outside.

So as I snowshoed today through a foot of new snow–not an easy proposition, mind you–I thought about how interconnected we all are.  How a single action liking reading someone’s blog can strengthen, cheer and delight.  Just a simple action!  We all make much more difference in the world than we can even imagine.

 None of us “goes it alone”.  We’re all dependent on each other; we’re inter-dependent.  Family and friends and acquaintances and even strangers are dependent upon one another to help, nurture, support and love. One of my good friends recently said this on a comment in this blog:

I’ve been thinking lately, at least, that spiritual maturity isn’t about never being thrown, about needing less and less, but about recognizing more and more how much we rely upon the gifts of others and of the rest of creation for our very existence.

I really believe this so much.  I feel so humble and grateful to realize that this blog (and my very existence) is so blessed by YOU and your gifts.  Even if it’s just the simple gift of checking in, looking at a picture, saying hello, or spreading your goodwill.  When one of us shares his or her gifts and time with another, then that person feels better, and the outward spread of contagious love grows.

Mr. John Donne (1572-1631) put it this way: “No man is an island.”  I like that. 

Like the leaves, the branches, the tree trunk and the roots, we’re interdependent.  All of us are walking together in this life.  We’re supporting each other the best we can. 

No leaf is an "island"

No leaf is an "island"

 I thank you for your presence, for the fact that you’re supporting this commitment.  May you all be richly blessed!