Dawning of a new day

Dawning of a new day

The 44th president of this beautiful United States was inaugurated today.  I was proud to be an American, proud to be part of a country embracing diversity, idealism and hope for the future.  No matter what the future may bring for Barack Obama, I feel great joy that we elected someone with at least the possibility of turning the tide of the nation towards unity, prosperity and hope for all of us.

OK, having said that, it almost feels like a teeny new day has dawned for this outdoors blog as well.  I made it through the first month!  Thirty one days of spending time out in nature, exploring outside the four walls of this house.  It was hard, it was easy, it was fun, it was challenging.  But it happened!  Only eleven months left to go.  🙂

Today, driving into town, I contemplated the many ways in which we interact with the outdoors.  Some of us use it as a hunting ground, others play in it, while others spend hours admiring its beauty.  There’s probably a hundred intentions with which we interact with nature.  But how many of us actively protect it?  I know I sometimes attempt to protect it; other times I take it for granted.  With this new hope and energy soaring in our country, I pondered new ways in which I might help make a difference….when suddenly….

…heading directly towards my daydreaming self within the car appeared another car.  And it wasn’t in its proper lane!  It was driving directly towards me.  In my lane!  I slammed on the brakes and my car began to fish-tale back and forth.  The oncoming car careened across my path and landed in a big snowbank.

Wake up call!  I pondered stopping to assist, but already noticed rescuers in the rear-view mirror.  The other driver was already out, safe and sound.  Amazing that the road (which looked dry and navigable) was actually slippery and icy.  I drove much slower from that moment on.

The afternoon’s outdoor activity was shoveling the deck.  This is in preparation for the shoveling of the roof, in which huge amounts of hard icy snow will be shoveled down upon the deck.  A second shoveling will then ensue.  The winter’s in full swing now.  Even the wood in the wood room downstairs shrinks daily.  Almost time to fill up the wood room.

No more playing outside and wandering around in the woods, at least for a couple of days.  There’s work to be done.  Anyone want to visit?