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Crescent moon before dawn

Crescent moon before dawn

No, no.  Everyone keep his or her hat on.  It’s far too cold to toss away our chooks (the Yooper word for wintertime “hats”).  Didn’t your mother teach you?  Be sure to keep your head covered in cold weather

We lose 75 percent of our body heat through our uncovered noggins, right?  Wrong!  Check out this wilderness medicine website for the scoop:   (If anyone believes differently than this researcher, let us know!)

But let’s leave our hats on anyway, after we’ve bowed deeply to Frida Waara.  Anyone who hasn’t read, please scroll down to yesterday’s blog entitled, “Who’s a wimp?”  Skip all the parts pertaining to me and my alleged wimpdom, and instead read about polar adventurer and inspirational speaker, Frida Waara.

I won’t repeat too much, except to say she’s a person I greatly admire(although have only met once, last January, when she visited our small community and spoke about her adventures to the North Pole in April, 2001.)  She and eleven other women were the first all-female unsupported team to reach the North Pole from Russian ice to the top of the world.

How cool is that?  (let’s not go there….we know how COLD that was….)

Well, this morning I woke up and there’s a comment from dear Frida Waara herself on this outdoors blog.  Go read!  How in the world did she discover this?  Who told?  Someone had to email her.  Jennifer? Kim? 

I was flying so high with energy imagining hiking to the North Pole that I flew out the door before dawn this morning at 5 below zero, raring to go.  If Frida could make the North Pole….I could make the end of the road and back.  No more whimpering and complaining!  This was the needed motivation.  The past week’s lethargy and wuss-behavior lifted.  I sailed down the road in Grandma’s old snowmobile suit, everything covered up except eyes and nose, humming cheerfully.

You know the sound the birds make in the early pre-dawn light?  There’s a certain bird, a certain call, that ignites your soul.  The little bird announces the advent of another day.  His two or three syllable hymn hauntingly awakens us here in the northwoods.   Anyone know the name of the little fellow?  I thought, at first, it might be a chickadee.  But now am not so certain.

The sun pushed its way above the horizon with surprising zeal, staining the skies pink and purple.  The deep blues lightened.  The crescent moon, already waning after last week’s full moon splendor, twinkled down from the frozen sky. 

I love how each of us can inspire and re-inspire one another.  I love how we can cheer each other on in our adventures, how we can provide words of encouragement when the going gets tough.  We’re a team here in this world.  We need each other in so many ways. 

Let’s all remember to offer words of encouragement to others this week, even small baby words of love and caring.  Let’s keep an eye out for our struggling brother or sister on this earth. 

Although this probably sounds undeniably corny:  it’s not cold where it counts….in the warmth of our hearts.  🙂


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