Looking up

Looking up

All you outdoor-love-the-cold-and-snow-people, please step to the side.  The rest of us have to talk.  We have to huddle together in a circle and try to keep warm and discuss this outdoor world.  Shall we light a fire and talk about it?

I don’t know about you, but it’s sometimes hard to open the door and go outside.  It’s especially hard when it’s really cold, but it’s hard many days even when it’s relatively warm.  I wake up in the morning, knowing that the Commitment of this assignment and blog looms, and the Mind starts its litany:  “There’s nothing to write about.  There’s nothing to do out there.  It’s just a bunch of snow.  There’s no interesting pictures to take.”

Fortunately for us, if your Mind is anything like mine, we don’t need to give it much attention.  Just step outdoors anyway!  A half dozen possibilities will present themselves if you’re looking.  Just do it.  I guarantee you’ll find infinite pictures to snap, a few hundred words to describe the indescribable, and an exhilarating glow from spending time in the fresh outdoors.

Today, walking towards the Post Office, contemplating the next Outdoor adventure, my Mind started chanting, “Photo op, photo op, have to watch for a photo op….” when suddenly appeared a young fellow in his early 30’s dressed in winter jacket, hat and….are you ready for this?…..shorts!!!   Oh where is that camera when you need it?  I swear I would have published his picture right here. 

He’s wearing shorts, probably because it’s a balmy 23 degrees, while the National Weather Service in Marquette (about 90 miles away)  is predicting the possibility of breaking a weather record.  Over there it’s been 22 or 23 days of measurable snow.  We have (fortunately or unfortunately) not experienced that much snow yet this year.  I am still going snowshoe-less in less than a foot of the fluffy ground cover.

After meeting the fellow in his shorts and exclaiming about his scanty attire, I drove across the bay and over by the lighthouse.  It’s sometime challenging to figure out where to park when only a narrow snow-plowed road exists.  I found a barely-plowed side area, and headed off into the woods.  Sorry, no lighthouse pictures today.  But look how it appears in a hemlock and spruce forest when you look up instead of down or sideways.  Amazing!  Who says there’s no good photo opportunities in the winter?  Thank goodness the Mind doesn’t know what it’s talking about early in the morning.

Like Nike says to all of us who enjoy the toasty warm indoors winter life:   Just do it.  Open the door and go spend some time outside.  You won’t regret it.  (Now, all you lovers of snow and cold, we’re done with our little discussion.  We’ll be joining you shortly.  Just have a little patience with us.  Maybe we can share hot chocolate afterwards?)